Doing the Impossible.

You close your eyes and you can see it, but you don’t just see it, you see it with great clarity. You are staring at your dream. And while you are staring at your dream there is a rush of energy that ignites inside of you. You are feeling the way it would feel as if it were real. It seems possible.

“Yes! I can do this.” You think.

And then bam! The doubt arrives and puts you in your place. It either prevents you from doing anything all or at least slows you down. What I have learned though, is that as quickly as you lose your seniority, you can get it back just as fast.

Doubt is an energy that makes you feel like you are not capable or worthy of achieving something in you life. The thing to be aware of is that doubt usually comes from another person or group of people that can’t visualize or dream as big as you.

You have a dream right? Maybe you want to be an artist that inspires the world. You are probably going to hear or handle the following energies; very few people achieve this so you probably won’t, there is no security in that, or you’re going to get judged so it’s just not worth it.

One thing I have learned is that you can do your very best avoiding the thing you love, but it will usually lead to unhappiness. Perhaps happiness is just beyond the fear and doubt that paralyze the mind and the ability to take action.

There are two tings that I am focused on now. My health and my dream. I am a dreamer, a very big dreamer. Most people I’ve interacted with throughout my life don’t seem to relate to the way I see things, but that is okay.

I’ve pursued my independence and various dreams and have failed miserably. The only success I’ve had was starting a business. I’m proud of what I created and how quickly it manifested, but I am ready to move on.  I love being my own boss, but what I really want to do is apply my creative energy on building an audience, not a clientele.

I was an entertainer from the beginning. I loved listening to music, being a drummer, making videos, etc. This is my true passion, making people laugh and making people smile. This is what I’m wired for. I’m not good at following direction from others. I’m not good at following paths that were carved by others. I’m the black sheep that stands before a forest with a machete thinking, “this is the way.”

I am ready to refocus on what I have been failing at for so long. Art! Art, art, art! I am an artist and that is the lifestyle I want to live. If you can visualize it, if you can dream about it, I believe it can be possible. Did anyone think that space shuttles, cell phones or the internet were possible? Probably not, but they exist now.

Casey Neistat is a filmmaker that has inspired me. I used to want to be a traditional filmmaker and that may still happen, but for the moment I do enjoy making videos on YouTube. He made a video called “Do what you can’t.” That video really hit home for me. Most of my life I have stared at a dream where some days it seems possible and others it feels like its lightyears away. Doing the impossible is a necessity for me. I have to conquer it. I need to feel the strength after the hardship is overcome. I need to feel what it’s like to create something, from nothing. I need to do the impossible.



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