The Greatest Gift is Knowing Yourself

Punk. Misfit. Black Sheep. Outcast. Rebel. Prankster. Comedian. Actor. Musician. Artist. Creator. Director. Adventurer. Nomad. Vagabond. Psychic. Teacher. Writer. Poet. Lover. Warrior. Athlete. Entrepreneur. This is who I am.

The greatest gift you have available is the ability to know yourself and know your truth. Honestly, I believe learning who you are is probably more important than some of the stuff you learn in school. When you have more certainty about yourself you can begin to carve that unique path in the world for you to travel on and have the experiences for you to fulfill your goals and dreams.

There are many ways you can discover yourself; mediation, travel, relationships, etc. Once you find yourself, half the battle is over. Remaining true to yourself and being committed to your path during hardship is the difficult part.

When you find yourself you almost have an ah ha moment where learning who you are isn’t such a surprise after all, a apart of you kind of knew it all along. Sometimes in life we just need to be reminded of the myriad aspects of our identity  and strengths.

Having certainty of our truth helps build our immunity to the bullshit others try to feed us throughout life. When you know what you are capable of and know your self worth, you tend to not take shit from others. Lies get in on lies. When your truth reaches a level of seniority, lies become meaningless. Find your truth and wear it like a crown. This is the beginning of earning respect.

Knowing your truth doesn’t mean you have it all figured out. It simply means you are getting connected to another part of yourself. You can still be failing and know who you are. What follows after your great discovery are many growth periods to your dream. There are growing pains, failure and disappointment. Each growth period is like climbing a bigger mountain. The bigger the mountain you climb, the stronger you become. All the invalidation falls away and you walk away shining brighter than before. The question in all of this is really, how do you keep your amusement during dark times? Well, the more I fail the more I realize it’s not the end of the world therefore when I do fall flat on my face it becomes a little easier to laugh at myself because I know everything will be fine. All I need to do is pick myself back up, get back on the horse and give it a go again.

Think of all the inventors out there who failed over and over and over before finally getting the thing they were trying to create actually work. Don’t give a fuck how old you are and that your not lining up perfectly with everyone else you graduated high school with. Go find your truth, live it and apologize to nobody.



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