I used to believe in the concept of being self made. As I became an adult that mental image picture shattered pretty quickly. It just doesn’t seem real to me. Most of my life I have failed. I fail because I try. With the small amount of success that I have had so far in life, what I recall is having help along the way. Whether it was a family member, friend or simply someone who inspired me, I have had some form of help on my journey in life.

When you think of gratitude you usually immediately think of people who helped you in positive way. I think the same way, however, I do think of those who have hurt me in the past. I am grateful for them as well, because they played apart in who I am today. What I am trying to say is, sometimes the bad things that happen to us in life, they drive us to embrace more of our true selves.

I’m sure its rather apparent from recent blogs, but I am in a time of reflection. And during this time of reflection I find that I am grateful for pretty much everyone who has impacted me from birth until now. Sure there are certain individuals that stand out more than others, but I really am grateful for all the people I have connected with at some point in the past.

Fall in love, get your heart broken, get hired, get fired, watch your dream sprout from the ground and then watch it shatter into pieces. Live life a little bit and change seems to become less and less intimidating. I believe it is okay to fall, to get burnt or burn out, but always remember to get back up. I’m grateful for the times I was depressed because it makes feeling joy that much sweeter. I am grateful for being homeless in California because I came to realize is that what we fear in our minds is not always that bad when experienced. I experienced a lot of freedom and joy while being homeless. I’m grateful for the short time in my life.

When I was homeless, I had time. The older I get the more I value time. I will take time over money any day. Sure you need money to survive in the modern world, but it doesn’t really play a huge role into my happiness. The way I spend my time though, that is a huge factor regarding my happiness. I am grateful for time. I don’t understand people that are busy, busy, busy. Sure being productive is good thing, but in moderation. I think being able to relax and having time to digest and comprehend what you are doing is important.

I am grateful to be alive, but that is not enough. Feeling alive is what is important. Sure, maybe not every moment in life will be filled with absolute joy, but the more of those you have, those intense moments of love and happiness – that is what makes life worth living.    Have you had a moment where you felt so connected to your body that all your senses were heightened? A moment where everything feels so real? Those are moments I am grateful for.

If you are reading this, thanks! Keep it rocking…



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