Perception of Energy

We all have at some point in our lives felt energy. It is probably most apparent in job interviews, dates and visiting new places. You most likely refer to it as vibes. Say you are on a date. You are feeling out that persons energy. If you like it you engage more, if you don’t, perhaps the date doesn’t last too long. It’s all about energy.

Most people wouldn’t call feeling energy a psychic ability. There also tends to be a lot negative energy and skepticism around the term psychic. Most people immediately think of scam artists supposedly predicting the future with a crystal ball or tarot cards. To me though, everyone is psychic. It’s all about perceiving energy in various ways such as; feeling energy, hearing energy, seeing energy and knowing energy. I would say most people are unconscious to their higher abilities, but can at least feel energy. Some people may have psychic experiences of hearing or seeing energy, but don’t understand what is happening to them. If I told a doctor I was seeing things, they would probably refer me to a specialist and then they would write up a prescription for me that makes it all go away. So, am I crazy or am I psychic? I know the answer for myself, but others may feel differently. That’s okay.


Now, let’s talk about seeing energy. The ability is called clairvoyance. What is it like to see energy? When I look at energy I usually see color, symbols or mental image pictures. Interesting, but what does that all mean? Well, this is where intuition comes into play. At this level you can start to read the energy or the tone of what your looking at. You gather information and begin to find meaning. Authors set tones for their novels and through their writing they paint you a picture of what is happening. When you read a book, don’t you visualize the scene? That’s clairvoyance. I thought that was just using your imagination? Well, yes, but they go hand in hand. You are operating from the same space. But, your imagination isn’t real right? Have you ever visualized a negative mental image picture. You tend to have a negative reaction or even a negative rush of energy come over you. Anyway, I’m not trying to prove this, I’m just trying to shed some light on this topic.

So, what happens when you read energy? What is the point? I often hear the phrase, I want to change the world or I want to make a difference. In my opinion, start with yourself. If you really want to experience change, go within. That is where all your problems are and at the same time, that is where your answers are. They are not outside of yourself. So, with that said, whats the point of reading energy? Well, with clairvoyance, you can read the energy of everything, since everything in the universe is of course, energy, but to my point, with clairvoyance you have the opportunity to shine the flashlight on yourself and see who you really are. When you see clearly, you gain certainty and when you gain certainty, you begin to develop seniority. What if your energy was senior within yourself? What if your energy dictated how you felt, dictated your view of yourself, your view of the world and the direction of your life? Do you see the value of it? I do.

I always find it interesting that when meeting new people we often inquire about what they do. Somehow we end up focusing on the persons career instead of their identity. Would you even know how to answer the question: who are you? When you start exploring the various ways of perceiving energy, such as clairvoyance, you can learn about yourself and your energy. Its truly a rewarding experience.


Film directors are natural clairvoyants. Sure, I doubt they are sitting in meditation and contemplating their purpose in life and ‘reading their energy,’ but they do operate in the same space. Directors are constantly using their visual space to imagine scenes and put it all together like a beautiful puzzle. That’s the magic of cinema. Someone can have an idea in their mind and then one day that idea blossoms into a film being displayed on screen for an audience to watch in a theater. That artist created something from nothing. If thats not magic I don’t know what is.

So, the next time you are in a job interview, exploring a new area or hanging out with friend, whether you are feeling energy or tapping into a higher level of your intuition, pay attention to it. There might be something to learn or maybe it will just make you smile.

Rock on!



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