Concept of Space

Some call it their personal bubble, some call it their aura, but whether we realize it or not, we all have space.

What does it mean to have space? Have you ever gone for a long walk alone? Whether you were aware of it or not, perhaps you were just needing some space. It’s when you start to separate out and clear others energies from your personal bubble. For some people the idea of this may seem scary and for others it may be very natural.

When you start to get your space it makes it easier to get perspective on life and the various issues you are facing. We tend to ask others for advice during strenuous times or those fork in the road dilemmas. People that love you will of course give you advice, especially those older than you. The advice that is given is usually what that particular person may do if they were in your situation. If they don’t hold a degree of neutrality, it may not have much to do with your truth or what you want. So, what it may come down to is taking a look at what YOU want, confronting the fears and moving forward.

Having your space allows for more clarity and makes it much easier to hear yourself. What does an artist do when they need to create? They go to their studio. That is where they get their space to allow their creativity to flow.

Have you ever had a fight with your significant other? Sure you had, we are all human. Sometimes after a fight, we just need some space to clear our heads and think more clearly. Now, once you become more aware of your own space, it’s not always about pushing everyone out. The beauty of becoming aware of your space is you can make better conscious choices of who’s energy you let in.

If you feel you are being invaded by someones energy and you don’t like it, there is nothing wrong with speaking up or taking action. Your space, is your space. If you don’t respect your own space, others may not either.

The energy field around your physical body is your reality. It is your own little world. It is what is real for you. Everyones space is different. That is what makes life so interesting.

When you think of the concept of space, do you feel you are able to have space? Have you had your space before? What does it feel like? Are their certain energies you are resisting letting go? Are there people you wish you could invite into your world to share with and relate to?

Waking up is a beautiful thing, the question is, what will you do with your time and space, when you have it?




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