the Power of Forgiveness

When we think of forgiveness, we typically think about forgiving someone else or someone forgiving us. Sometimes we forget that we have the ability to forgive ourselves. As a healer, I work with the energy of forgiveness. It’s the quickest way to clear karma and unwanted energy. Working with this energy in a healing gives people permission to release. Essentially all healing is self healing. You can’t force someone to let go or change.

When you reach the height of resistance, sometimes revisiting the topic of forgiveness can be helpful. Sometimes it is worth it to just let go and move on, rather than remain paralyzed. Maybe you are stuck in one or even multiple aspects of your life and can’t quite seem to figure it out. Maybe there is nothing to figure out. Maybe it is just a matter of forgiving and moving on. Working with forgiveness especially works well when there is a matter that is unresolved. Whether it is regarding family, your significant other, an old client or a past job, forgiveness can help you clear and regenerate movement.

Being someone who enjoys trying new things and being vulnerable, I tend to handle a lot of judgement and invalidation. I’m usually either operating at 100 MPH or 2 MPH. I like moving fast and flourish when my energy is in movement, but I do get stuck from time to time. Sometimes my own resistance gets the best of me. Forgiveness relieves me of pain that weighs me down.

You can have a spec of energy inside of you that greatly limits you all because of resistance. If you could, imagine the Hoover Dam. Next, imagine a small hole in the dam that is filled with dark energy. Now, obviously in real life we want the dam to function as its supposed to, but metaphorically speaking, what happens if you forgave yourself and all the pain and resistance (the dam) broke down and washed away? Water would continue to flow. In other words, your energy would be back in movement. To me, movement is when we get experience magic.

Sure fighting is one way of breaking down something, but another way is working with forgiveness. Which way do you prefer?



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