25 Christmas Activities for Couples

I tried to write a list that a man would not be completely opposed to. You and your partner can do these in any order or change the ideas for something similar. I know it is still November but I wanted to make a Christmas post.

1. Decorate your Christmas tree together

This is pretty self-explanatory.

2. Go out for Hot Chocolate/Coffee/Tea/Apple Cider

Basically go out for a hot drink and don’t bring your phone. Sit at the coffee shop or wherever you go and talk about your hopes and dreams for the new year.

3. Bake cookies together

Our favorite is chocolate chip cookies. You can do sugar cookies and make them some fun Christmas shapes. Do whatever cookie feels right to you and your partner.

4. Watch a Christmas movie together

Now this one is tricky for some couples. It has to be one you both can tolerate. Die Hard does count as far as my husband and I are concerned LOL!!!

5. Both of you write a love letter to each other

Can’t read them until Christmas Day.

6. Drive around and look at Christmas lights

look up places that put up special displays near you. Of course before you go on this adventure you have to pick up hot drinks to sip in the car.

7. Go out for a romantic dinner

This seems like a no brainer but really dress nice for your partner. There is always time for Romance.

8. Write and mail Christmas cards together

You can send them to family, friends, or even just send one to a veteran overseas away from their families. When I was a kid I would sign a whole bunch and then take them over to a retirement home and pass them out. Whatever brings Holly to your Jolly!!!

9. Make a Christmas “treat” together

I like to make Christmas candies. However, for you and your partner it doesn’t have to be totally complicated. One that is super simple is marshmallows, chocolate chips, and crescent rolls.

10. Go to a Bookstore or Library

We love to read so this is a fun adventure for us. If you don’t feel like buying a book go by your local library.

11. Ice Skating/Roller Skating

Not everyone has access to an Ice rink.

12. Try a new soup

Nothing is better than hot soup in the winter. Go onto Pinterest or check out a cookbook for some inspiration.

13. Build a Snowman

This may start that “Frozen” song in your head but it is one of my favorite things to do if there is enough snow on the ground.

14. Buy a new wine or beer to try

We love trying new wines or beers. Some experiences are pleasant and then some are not so much but it makes life more flavored.

15. Fill your partners Stocking with “Themed” or “Colored” gifts

I really love going to the Dollar Tree and grabbing stocking stuffers. Either do a theme like all candy and calling it a sweet stocking. If you want colored just pick a color like green and buy little things your partner would find useful that are green. Like a green fingernail polish, green loofah, green pen, green socks, etc.

16. Naughty night

Be each other’s gifts. Wrap yourself sexy or already unwrapped. Whatever warms things up.

17. Make or buy an ornament for your tree that symbolizes that year

This is one of my favorite traditions. Some years I make an ornament and other years I have bought new ones. I always try to get one that symbols something significant from that year.

18. Kiss under the mistletoe


19. Take a cute Christmas photo together

Santa hats, kissing under the mistletoe, beside your tree, wearing ugly sweaters, etc.

20. Cuddle on the couch

simple and sweet

21. Give each other a massage

I love having my back rubbed, my husband loves his feet and shoulders. Even if you only do 10 minutes each it’s still a great way to relax and connect.

22. Indoor recreational date

find and indoor hot tub, pool, or rock climbing. You can also go to the gym or yoga together.

23. Have cereal and color a Christmas pictures

You can buy a cheap Christmas coloring book or print off one or two pictures from the internet.

24. Christmas outing of choice

Wherever you want to go with your partner. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, go to grandmother’s house, go to a friends, anywhere you want.

25. Have breakfast in bed

Do this on Christmas Morning and read your love letters.





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