There are those who hop into a tanning bed and there are those who, metaphorically speaking of course, hop into a casket. A casket? Yes, a casket. When you think of a casket, you think of death and this is where I may lose some people, but when I think of death – I think of transformation.

Sure, there is physical transformation and it can be quite the accomplishment to shape your body the way you desire, however, I am more interested in spiritual transformation. Spiritual transformation has more to do with how you are changing on this inside. How are the various parts of your soul evolving? That is what I am interested in.

Have you ever tried something and failed? Afterwards you tell yourself, well I guess I’m just not good enough or perhaps it just wasn’t in the cards for me. I say fuck that. I’m human too, I’ve experienced it, however, I just don’t subscribe to that mentality. As uncomfortable as it is, I love change. It’s the growth periods that will propel you to your dreams. The way a soldier would give their life to protect their country, that is the same way I feel about art. I’m dedicated to my cause and I don’t care how long it takes.

Transformation is the process of invalidation dissolving from the gifts that are already inside of you. When I was a kid, standing up in front of people and giving a speech came very natural to me. It didn’t make me nervous. I remember a couple of years ago I was in an underground bar that hosted a comedy night every week. I signed up to perform, but had no idea when I was going up. My heart was pounding so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack. It was incredibly uncomfortable. The anxiety did go away after I started my performance, but damn it took a lot of energy just for me to stay and wait it out. My goal is to get back to the way I felt as a kid…


Nutt Street Comedy (Wilmington, NC)

I’m currently going through my own transformation. I can feel it all occurring inside of me and I love it. It’s uncomfortable and there is the unknown, but that is where I thrive. I am changing habits that affect my health and creativity. Transforming how I create an income is underway as well. I wake up tired and go to bed tired. I initially resist the time I have to spend exercising or practicing vocals, but I always feel better when its complete. When I returned to Philly, I had no idea my wife and I would have a small business. I also have no idea where we will be in a year or so, but I am excited as I embrace this transformation.

How are you transforming? How do you want to transform?



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