Growth Period

I recall those nights in my first Chicago apartment, where I experienced tremendous growth. I dropped out of art school and focused one hundred percent of my energy on clairvoyant training. I was learning, growing, changing, healing and discovering. It was powerful and it was intense. The moment you make a change in spirit, you enter what is called a growth period. During a growth period, your body is catching up to your spirit. It can be uncomfortable, but very rewarding.


When I needed to get away, the lake is where I headed. I loved the city, but sometimes with the chaos that it hosts and the change I was experiencing within me, the healing energy of the lake was needed. Luckily, Montrose beach was just a short walk from the apartment. I shared it with two of my friends, Ryan and Amanda. Ryan was also going through clairvoyant training with me. For those that don’t know what clairvoyant training is, it is a year long intensive training where you are learning how to not only read energy, but align yourself to your dreams. Ryan and I would help each other get through the growth periods by going out and eating a lot of Thai food, listening to music, watching comedy films and partying.

During growth periods I tend to feel alone, not necessarily lonely, but I like to use the time to express myself creatively. That tends to be the most helpful way of getting through the growth. Our teacher would always recommend eating the food your body needed, sex, sleep and exercise.

I remember after finishing up an aura reading and saying how crappy the growth periods were. I wasn’t lying, they often didn’t feel the greatest, but what he told me was that I was growing toward my dreams. Once I heard that it changed the way I viewed growth periods. To give you an example of a growth period a simple one would be the time it takes to learn a new editing software for film. It can be a complete pain in the ass, but once you have figured it out its rewarding in the end. The growth periods I am personally referring to are more to do with the stepping stones that lead me to my dream.


I have always had big dreams. Essentially, I just want to be a traveling artist. I love making music, comedy videos, poetry, short stories and so much more. Most people tend to stop growing around the age of twenty-five. We tend to go to college, get a job, get married, have children and go on the typical vacations. For most, that works just fine. For me, I thrive in the unknown. I thrive in movement and change. Its exciting because I enjoy learning.

The growth periods only get bigger. You wouldn’t climb the same mountain, you move on to the next one that is bigger and scarier. Each peak is an opportunity to embrace your accomplishment. You can see where you came from, where you are and where you are headed. Strength is earned at each peak. I love growth, do you? How are you growing and changing?

Keep it rockin



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