A Self Tour of Valley Forge

Over Thanksgiving weekend the weather was a little warmer and we were itching to go on an adventure so we decided to go visit Valley Forge Historic Park. Andrew had grown up in the area and never went. I have lived here almost 2 years and still hadn’t gone. When I go to historic sites I like to go on a tour of some sort so I can get a loads of information. Andrew likes to go on his own and go at his own pace. We compromised and grabbed maps and a cell phone tour paper. They provided a number to dial and then you put in the number of the place you are at and they play recorded information.

So the Tour began. There were 9 stopping spots of interest.

1.Visitor Center

We stopped in at the visitor center first thing and looked at a lot of artifacts. They had a small theater that played a 20 minute video about the Continental Army’s winter at Valley Forge. Also, inside the visitor center there were these props for pictures. Of course we took pictures.



2. The Muhlenberg Brigade: Log City

This was my favorite spot we stopped. We got to see the living conditions of the continental army. It was very sobering to think of surviving a harsh winter living within a small cabin with 6-12 men.


3. National Memorial Arch

The arch was built in 1996 by the Freemasons. They wanted to demonstrate that the Freemasons of today care about freedom just as much as our forefathers. This was really beautiful to see.


4. General Wayne Statue

He played a huge roll and aided George Washington in leadership.


5. Washington’s Headquarters

This one made me so happy. They had the rooms set up to be like it would have been back then. When we looked into George Washington’s office I knew he felt so much guilt from not being able to get supplies to his troops. He would send out constant correspondence to New York to get supplies.

The hand rail in the house is the original one. It was really cool to walk up the stairs and know you were touching the same rail as George Washington did. Side note: when I was 17 I went to Washington DC for a week and toured Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home) I walked up the back stairs and touched the hand rail there that was the original as well. So there have been 2 places that I have touched that George Washington did.


6. Redoubt 3

I didn’t get a picture of this but you can see what it looks like in our video (like will be at the end of this list). It’s basically hills built up in the shape of a square so the men can have cover from all sides.

7. Artillery Park

This is the spot where they trained the men to be more disciplined on the battlefield.

8. Varnum’s Quarters

We didn’t get to go inside of this one or see the statue there, it was closed for renovations.

9. Washington Memorial Chapel

The Chapel was so beautiful. You can see the quality craftsmanship that went into it. When we walked in our jaws dropped. The pictures don’t do it justice. Please check out our video for a closer look at everything. The Chapel is not associated with the park so the cost of the upkeep is based on donations.




Here is the video: ENJOY, we did!!!


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