To be in my body, is that a dream? To sink in my skin and rest behind my eyes. To reside in my heart and feel the vibrations of this world. Is this a dream? To be present, in which the past is the past and the future is the future – is this a dream? To allow myself to have new experiences. To allow myself to feel the high and low emotions. Is this a dream? To take it slow to soak it all in and to be lightening fast when it is time to move forward. Is this a dream?

That unfortunate incident in the past and worrying about the unknown. Overanalyzing, missing the opportunity. Giving into guilt and bathing in a false state. Where am I in the chaos of it all? Where is my power? I would be the ruler of my own kingdom and the other kings would emerge, ruling their own as well.

I am the light returning, like Apollo 13 falling – maybe unexpected. In line and aligned, might I spark this Earth, so divine and so the fire of motivation and the fire of passion may bring me to my calling, so I heard from above.

Incarnate. It’s a date with my body. Where might we go? New York City, Las Vegas, Paris or maybe Germany. I don’t know. Could a plan be that there is no plan, but to stand in awe of such a wonderful creation? The temptation for distractions are turning to fractions and soon I will stand with little – I may just feel rich! Does your heart yearn for the fire like mine?

I’ll take the pain, I’ll take the tears to form a smile on my face living extraordinary years. What is your fire? What color might it glow? What might it be like dear friends to feel the soul creative energy flow? Riveting! Dynamite! I may just run until I have seen the world. Will the ink in my pen turn eyes wide? May I build a legacy before I die?

To be in my body, is that a dream? May I master adaptation? Will my ink dry gold? If I breathe the air into my lungs, am I alive? Or am I dead until my heart and mind open wide? To be in my body, is that a dream?



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