Every Shade of Green

A poem by Andrew Fritz.

When your world is green and the train is moving, may your sorrow spill beneath you and your gold sun emerge.

Every shade of green flickering inside of you, what might you become? What lies ahead?

Rest in peace to the old skin that you shed.

Do you believe, now that the wheels have turned? The guilt and fear that have held you back, slowly wither away and burn.

Although just a small increase in speed, feel the spark of freedom as the invalidation bleeds.

What crisp air and the warmth of the sun, enjoy it now for there will be another dark day to come.

The key is forward. Whether you fight or find center, walls will fall, might you feel like a god so tall and strong.

Every shade of green, flickering inside of you – what will heal, what will change?

When your world is green and you are standing still, the landscape within, moving to fulfill.


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