What lies beneath

We all handle energy. As a clairvoyant, I can see it, but I can also see what lies beneath it. The real magic in a reading is to cut through the bullshit and find that persons unique energy. At the end of the day it is up to that person to interpret the information you present them because in a reading, a good psychic will not judge, they will look at options and see what they look like.

I love doing energy work and readings. I get answers for myself and I get to help someone. It’s a great feeling and of course it is rewarding to earn an income from it. I have a small dog walking business and to be honest, making money as a psychic feels more powerful then earning money as a dog walker. Don’t get me wrong, they are both rewarding, but it’s a completely different feeling. The only thing I think that could top this feeling would be earning money as an artist. Time will tell…

We can easily go through our life thinking we act certain ways because that is simply just us, despite if we don’t even like it. Actually, it is possibly you could just be running on an energy that isn’t yours. It can be shocking and also a relief to realize that you might not be running on your energy. The leaves the question, what is my energy? That is when you embark on a spiritual journey.

The spiritual journey isn’t so much about going outward, but it is more about looking within. You have this vast internal landscape that is incredibly profound. Are you feeling stuck? Maybe there is healing to be done. Do you not have a good sense of who you are? Perhaps looking inward to discover more about yourself can be helpful. Despite going through multiple years of self discovery and healing I still continue to heal and I still find opportunities to learn more about myself.

I love learning, growing, healing and having new experiences. Once we start to make sense of our experiences, we gain wisdom. This is what you take with you from one life to the next. I’ll take new experiences over having a bunch of stuff any day.

What is your energy like? If you were going to write a book and you were the main character and anything was possible, how would your character make money? What would happiness be like? What would you spend most of your time doing? Who would you be? What group of people would you connect to? How would you express yourself? With your energy, how does that change things?

If you dig a little deeper, you will always find your energy fighting to overcome and move. If you can find it and if you can see it – you validate it. More of your energy becomes available to you. What will do you with it?



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