What will it feel like? To break through the wall, that is unbreakable…

The wall of limitation, the wall that speaks to me saying, “dreams aren’t real.”

When the wound has healed and it’s time to pull the last staple

We live not to just know our dreams, but to bring them down and feel

So may your power not be over others, because oh brothers…

The power to transform your life may be the single greatest thing you can do

Which will not only send a ripple through your own aura, but the Earths aura too

For when you embrace your soul totality and ground, it may affect more than you

Living in your heart and representing your truth

You will be the inspiration for others to be themselves

And wouldn’t that be a great accomplishment?

Opposed to the trophy collecting dust on the shelf

A breakthrough for me, a breakthrough for you

What will it feel like? To breakthrough…


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