I’m the puzzle piece that doesn’t fit.

It took a while to sink in, but I am no good at being an employee. I do, however, have confidence at being a boss. I don’t do well staying in one place for too long. I like to move around. Having one way of expressing myself, well, that won’t ever work. I get bored too easily. I like utilizing different ways of expressing my thoughts and feelings.

Telling people that you have this knowing, this intuition that you are meant to do something different, something extraordinary – most don’t relate. When you tell people that you have dreams of running businesses, performing on stages, making movies, creating music, traveling, teaching, doing motivational speeches – most don’t believe you.

I don’t believe I am better than anyone, I just have a strong awareness of who I am and what I love. And because I have struggled over the years as an artist, I also have a strong awareness of what doesn’t work.

I think even if someone is misunderstood, as long as they are in their element, they can thrive. It’s when they are not in their zone, that is when things can go down hill. It takes tremendous strength embracing your unique qualities. You no longer can hide. You no longer match in with everyone else. Suddenly, you are different. Suddenly, you are weird.

I am shifting my perspective to working on things that work in my life opposed to focusing on the things that don’t work. In other words it’s time to step out of resistance and take a risk, yet again. I know I can fail at just about anything in life, but I rather fail at the things I love rather than fail at things that don’t even work for me.

I can create movies, music and comedy skits all in my head. The ideas, the images, the sounds, I can see and hear it all before I even pick up an instrument or touch a camera. That’s kind of strange, don’t you think? I can read auras and give energy healings. That is really weird isn’t it? This is my world. This is what I am good at. To others, it may all seem crazy.

I’m the puzzle piece that doesn’t fit. And maybe… that’s okay.


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