the Mountains we Climb

What happens when you reach the top? When you take that final step up onto the peak, what is ending and what is beginning? What have you achieved? What will inevitably change?

When I was going through clairvoyant training, I hated growth periods. The uncertainty, the growing pains and overall discomfort did not win me over. As I have gotten older and a little wiser, I have grown to appreciate growth periods. As a matter of fact, I look forward to growth periods. Why? Why would you enjoy pain? It’s simple, look at body builders. They sacrifice their time to be in the gym and put their bodies through hell to achieve their goal. As difficult as it is, they see results and with each new level the reach, they appreciate and value the work they put in. It provides more motivation to keep going.  It goes the same for me. When I conquer a goal, I genuinely feel different and I start to see clearly what I had to go through to achieve my goal. Once I can understand the process, then I am able to move on and face a much bigger mountain to climb. That is when things get exciting!

The only thing between you and your dream is energy. Today I am closer than I was yesterday. After climbing one mountain, I am already interested in the next. I know it will be more challenging than the last one and would certainly hope so. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be anything to gain, would there?

What is next for me? That is what I ponder… Interestingly enough, what I see at the top of this next big mountain has the energy of a musical achievement. I find it interesting because lately I have been focusing my energy more on film and writing. Seeing this though gets me really excited and I have a lot of confidence that I will climb this new mountain and reach the top. I am also confident that it will be very difficult.

When I was homeless a few years ago, that experience taught me that I was a survivor. Having a successful dog walking business has taught me that I can be an entrepreneur. My next big target is to destroy the limitation in my communication space. I know that when I clear this block, that is when I will reach my next peak – an artistic achievement.

It’s crazy I know, but I really appreciate all that I learned at InVision. Being able to see your self worth and what you are truly capable of is an extraordinary experience. It gives me a lot of confidence and I know if I keep pushing forward with staying healthy and doing what I love, the pieces will come together and eventually – I will be standing in a dream.

What mountains have you climbed? What mountain is next?



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