Sorrow & Happiness

Sorrow is in the air, for what is ending, but happiness is on the horizon, for what is coming.

Pictures of the beginning flood my screen. What a rush it was. What I attempted before finally flourished. Now a barren tree, in the rear view mirror is what I see. Sadness splashes around, but a sun screams my name from the distance. My drive is returning as I burn rubber on a road into the unknown.

Six feet under and I wonder what could have been. Bang! And a new image comes on in. It’s a new life, a life I have dreamt of. WILD! It burns the ordinary out of me, so extraordinary it shall be!

Confused faces don’t understand. How is that you don’t have a plan? Freedom reverberates through my soul. Comfort takes the back burner and adventure takes front and center. The smell of the open road; new places, new faces, tattoos and star filled nights… Call me a romantic, I must be in love with life.

It is not what is predictable that makes my soul sing. It’s the planes, trains and growing pains that take me around the world. The new experiences that once were curious day dreams. Making dreams come true. That is my drug.

May each dream get bigger and brighter. Sorrow and happiness collide, as you leave one, for another…



2 Comments on “Sorrow & Happiness

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I’m so excited for you two and all that you will encounter. My dream for one day after my little ones are grown. Set your souls free and go be one with the world. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures !!


    • Glad you enjoyed it. We are excited too! Yes we you get a chance, go for it!!! More blogs and videos to come 🙂


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