Forever a Risk Taker

I learned early on that in order to achieve success for myself, I would have to take risks. There was no way around it. If I really wanted my autonomy and dreams, I was going to have to build courage and learn to jump. And that is exactly what I did.

Now for the record, just because I decided to take a leap of faith, didn’t always mean I had success. I have failed many times. It’s devastating and embarrassing. But, after failing so much, I kind of stopped caring. I don’t understand the concept of failing once, throwing in the towel and just going about life. Sure, I may fall to the ground and stay there for a while, but I always get back up at some point. I have the warrior spirit within me. It’s the archetype that helps us overcome our obstacles in life.

I am comfortable with taking risks. I like being out on the edge. It’s the place where I get space and perspective. That’s very important to me. Yes, I do get afraid. I don’t believe people who say they are fearless. What I do believe is that some people are more willing to push through their fears to achieve their goals.  I remember doing stand up comedy in Wilmington NC. It felt like I was going to have a heart attack waiting to be called up on stage, but once I got up there, the fear went away. Fear is a funny thing. It can stop you in your tracks and keep you from moving forward, but it is just an energy and it can be cleared.

My motivation in life is knowing that if I don’t go big now, I will have major regret later in life. I’m not willing to let that happen. Death is my motivator and I HAVE to have certain experiences before I make my final departure from my body. It’s a must. I am loyal to my cause the way a dog is loyal to its owner. I wake up everyday with full awareness of my dreams. They haunt me like debt collectors reminding me of the consequences if I don’t take action.

Dreams are real. Take a look at history. There are many people who have weaved their dreams into realities. Sure, there is a lot of failure involved, but they are real. After working 40+ jobs, fucking up a lot and receiving a lot of help – I finally found success as an entrepreneur. As I hold onto this piece of my identity, I intend on making another part of who I am shine. The artist. I don’t care how long it will take, but I will make it become a reality. There will be more risks to take, more growth periods to endure, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What risk are you wanting to take?





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