Fisherman of the Sky

Whenever I travel, I feel a strong sense of purpose. I feel very connected to my higher-self, that part of me that holds the blueprint for this life-time. I value this connection greatly, just as much as my connection to the Earth. I know, I know – I am sounding very hippie dippie, airy fairy, but I am just speaking my truth.

I love that I am very spiritual, but I also think it is very important to stay grounded. Some people are super spiritual and seem far out there and then there are also people who are very scientific or just very much about there physical body and exercise. My goal is to bridge both worlds. How does one do that? I know what works for me and that is being in love, writing, traveling, making videos, music, etc. 

It’s a huge relief to feel aligned to that part of myself. It feels magnetic and comforting. When I am connected to my higher-self I intuitively know what is best for me. Its a way for me to access to my truth, answers and information. Being in touch with this part of myself allows me to “download” updates. I call them energy system updates. In other words – next steps. Sometimes software requires updates and so does my energy system (chakras & channels). When the energy travels from my higher-self and down into my energy system, it begins to help me move on to the next mock-up. 

Have you ever felt disconnected and depressed? I sure have! It isn’t fun, but when you experience the other side of the dichotomy you are so grateful because you have experienced the low and high. Having your connection with your higher-self is a choice. Do you want to play it safe and do what your “supposed to do,” or are you willing to take a risk and walk toward your dreams. 

Dreams are like stars and stars are like fish, there for the taking, there to be reeled in and brought into your reality. This life I am fisherman, not of the sea, but of the sky. You can dream and dream on, but will you do what is necessary to feel your dreams in your bones?

Find Your Freedom,


5.4.18 | NJ

*Featured Image Credit: Space Painting – Fishing For Stars by Bleu Bri

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