Age Old Questions

I just offered a new reading on our web site. It is called, “Age Old Questions;” who am I, why am I here and where am I headed. It’s our identity, our purpose and the direction of our lives that we think about from time to time. I love these questions and I believe they are all connected.

When I ponder about my identity, I know that I am a very old creative soul. I love to create, perform, teach and travel. My identity is linked to my dreams. I dream of writing blogs that go viral, writing books, creating youtube videos that go viral, traveling the states in an RV, traveling abroad, teaching meditation and perhaps even performing live. I don’t think that my dreams are my purpose though. They are connected, but I believe my purpose to be more about WHY I want and need to achieve certain dreams.

I want to teach because I enjoy it, but I also do it because it helps people. I write and create videos not only because it is entertaining for others, but it could also be inspirational. Maybe through my writing or other forms of art, people may be inspired to create art as well. Or maybe it gives them motivation to go after what they love. My personal goal is to achieve big dreams, but I also want to inspire others to do the same. You can dream and you can dream bigger. Dreams can become apart of your reality. That is my message. This is apart of my purpose.

As someone who loves to travel, I have no idea where I may end up. All I know is most likely somewhere warm, however, there is much more to the final age old question than just physical location. I have experienced a small degree of isolation throughout my life. It works well for creating, but other than that – I don’t like it. So, one direction I know that I am heading is having community. I have also struggled with expressing myself. Sure I write poetry, blogs and short stories, but there is a lot of work in regards to going deeper with my voice. I also know that I am continuously moving in a direction of better health. These are important topics for me and that is the direction I am heading.

Dreams, purpose, identity and the overall direction of life – they are connected. Aside from just knowing or discovering through exploration, I have learned a lot about these topics by learning to meditate. By focusing on my clairvoyance I have been able to see the answers to these age old questions. Just because I have certainty with these questions, does not make me perfect nor does it mean my life is all figured out. There is a lot of work in making it all real and that is okay. I’m learning that rushing through life to reach the good stuff isn’t really living at all. It is moment to moment, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. The joy is in it all.

Find Your Freedom,


5.5.18 | NJ

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