First Week as Full-Time RVers

It has been a full week living in our fifth wheel RV. So far I am enjoying this lifestyle; having more time, going on adventures, meditating more, etc.

Now that we are spending less time watching TV and YouTube, my wife and I spend more time having deeper conversations. I like that we have less expenses and everything is much more simple. When we were running our dog walking business, we had a lot of bills and a lot of things to keep track of. With our new brand, Souls Gone Wild, we won’t have any employees and most of our activity will be online based. By being location independent our ability to grow our audience and clientele is limitless.

I have a feeling that travel days with be stressful. It will be challenging for not only us but our pets. Of course we will be excited to move to a new location, but breaking down our camp site, driving and then setting up at our new location will be intense. As we gain more experience we will get better at the process. 

Using the bathroom in our RV is interesting. There is very little space to move, so it can feel a little bit cramped. I’d rather have our spacious office than a bigger bathroom setup though. I am still adjusting to using our slide. We have a couch and table that are apart of our slide-out. I still have this irrational fear that when I sit down the slide is going to break and crash – haha. 

We are currently at a camp site where it is incredibly tight to back up our 34’ rig. It also happens to be on a slope. Not only that, we are dealing with sand. This may be wishful thinking, but I hope we encounter more spacious lots that are more level. Everyone at our campground are super nice and always willing to help out if needed. The only compliant I have is that there are some dogs that just bark, bark and bark some more. It usually doesn’t last too long, but luckily it has not interrupted our sleep or work yet. 

We have a lot to learn which is a good thing. I’m glad we are growing and having new experiences. I really look forward to seeing more of the country and growing our brand. Stepping out of our comfort zone may be stressful at times and scary, but it is totally worth it. What does it mean for you to step out of your comfort zone?

Find Your Freedom,


5.7.18 | NJ 

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