Embracing Your Magic

Sometimes embracing your magic means stepping out of resistance. If magic is simply your own energy in movement, then resistance is often the enemy. We all know what it is like to resist something or someone. Maybe it is something someone said, what they did or maybe it is a belief that you strongly oppose. When you resist an energy, it will end up controlling you. Sure whatever you have resisted may not have anything to do with you, but ultimately, if you want your freedom, it is your responsibility to clear out your resistance. That is what will allow any energy that doesn’t belong to move out and that is when you can begin embracing your magic.

Easier said than done. I agree. It is not always simple to just step out of resistance. Depending on the issue, it can take days, weeks, months and even years to clear your resistance. So where do you even begin? Well, there are two ways I would like to introduce – neutrality and forgiveness. Let’s start with forgiveness. It is the quickest way to clear karma and unwanted energy. Allowing yourself to vibrate in forgiveness is kind of like an avalanche. What you have been holding onto and what has been limiting you, finally falls away. How do you achieve this? Well, usually with time you just work out your issue in your day to day life. For example, you may resist someones way of living and end up embracing the lie, but over time you have an epiphany that fighting it isn’t the answer. You begin to forgive yourself and shift your focus to your own truth. You begin to embrace your magic…

Aside from forgiveness, neutrality is another way of stepping out of resistance. Neutrality is the state of non-judgment and non-resistance. Like forgiveness this is a mindset that can take time achieving, but it is not impossible. When you are able to look at what you are in judgement of and accept it as it is, you take back your power. You get your energy back in movement. But, but I can’t accept it as it is, it is WRONG! Acceptance, doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree with what you are resisting. It simply means you see it as it is and are not in judgment of it. There may be a religion or political party that you disagree with. Finding neutrality doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to the beliefs or ideas of what you oppose, it just means you are making a choice not to resist it. Just think, with the amount of resistance you have towards someone or something, what if you took all that energy and poured it into something positive. What if you directed your energy to your truth and what you love. Sure, there may be times in your life that you need to fight. You are not wrong, but there is an alternative.

At times it can be quick and easy to let go and other times it can take years. It all depends on you. If you are interested in learning more about these topics, I do teach a workshop on forgiveness and I also teach the concept of neutrality in the Art of Mediation I Series. Remember, playing the victim and playing the blame game won’t get you too far. Taking responsibility for your own resistance may be the miracle you have been waiting for. Movement is on the other side of resistance. Embrace your magic!

Find Your Freedom,


5.9.18 | NJ

Featured Image by: Stefana-Tserk

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