I don’t believe in the concept of being self-made. Even for someone who loves being independent, I don’t buy it. I have had help from teachers, friends and family. Most recently, my wife and I had help from family when we were starting our dog walking business and also as we were transitioning into our new way of living as full-time RVers.

I have struggled with asking for help. It makes me feel weak, like I’m not capable, but over time I have just realized there are times we all need help. Without any of the help I have received over the years, I don’t know where I would be today. For the most part I learn pretty quickly and can figure things out on my own, but not everything in life comes easy to me and for better or worse, there just have been times I needed or wanted help.

Recognizing when you need help and properly asking I believe is important. Being stubborn may not always be the answer. I also recognize the importance of expressing gratitude when I have been helped. Some of the people who helped me out the most are my friends Ryan, Jason and Erin. Thank you! All the teachers at the psychic school I went to and of course my family – thank you! I can’t forget my wife (and her family). She supports and loves me and because of her I am a better man. 

Who has helped you throughout your life? How has there help impacted you?

Find Your Freedom,


5.10.18 | NJ

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