Psychic School

You went to a psychic school? What are you, nuts? Yes, I did go to a psychic school. Most people don’t know that about me, but for those that do, they probably think I am crazy – haha. The school that I went to, and yes there a numerous schools around the United States, but the one I went to offered classes on meditation, energy healing, kundalini, clairvoyance, the astral body and more. It was awesome! 

Now I know there is negative connotation attached to the word psychic. Most people think that it is fake and it is just scammers trying to get money out of you. First of all if it was fake, I wouldn’t have continued taking the classes at the school nor would I be teaching or offering readings. I teach meditation because it worked for me and I want to share that with others. When people think about psychic readings they think its just about people making predictions. Sure as a clairvoyant you can see the energy of the past, present and future, however, during a reading I don’t make predictions because we have free will and things change. Simple as that. I’m not interested in programming people or setting them up for disappointment. 

For me, being psychic is all about being sensitive and aware of energy. There are different ways to perceive energy. Most people experience this type, but may not consider it a psychic experience. Most people can feel energy. We often notice it when meeting someone new or during job interviews. You feel a vibe. You are picking up on the energy. There are other ways to perceive energy which are less common; hearing energy, seeing energy and knowing energy. I focus on seeing energy. That is called clairvoyance. It is the ability to see the world, yourself and others with clarity. 

Going to the psychic school was a time of healing and self-discovery. I had to the ability to see my identity, dreams and truth. Going through the classes and trainings I did notice immediate positive results, but it also can impact the remainder of your life. Just because you learn something doesn’t always mean it will become real immediately. I graduated from my fist training ten years ago. I am still noticing things unfolding because of that training. It is a very bizarre, but certainly a rewarding experience. 

I’m not saying everyone needs to go to a psychic school. I’m just putting it out there that I did go to one and that I had a positive experience. Because of the experiences I had going through all the classes and trainings, they are the reasons I teach. I love providing tools for people so they can heal themselves and see more clearly. Teaching clairvoyance is just reminding students that they have their own telescope and flashlight. It turns them on to not only seeing clearly, but also bringing light to darkness. 

Yes, I went to a psychic school. Yes, I teach meditation. Yes, I do energy healing. Yes, I do psychic readings. And yes, I absolutely love it!

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