Our YouTube Channel

Years ago I created a YouTube channel and uploaded a few comedy videos. They weren’t very good and I ended up deleting the channel. Fast forward a few years, my wife and I were living in Chicago. I decided to startup another YouTube Channel and was determined to become a better director and editor. My skills did improve, but my content did not. The channel consisted of short horror films and vlogs. M. Night Shyamalan and Casey Neistat were my sources of inspiration. The best video I probably uploaded during that time was, “Witch of Evansburg.” I received money from a kickstarter campaign to make the film. It was suppose to be a feature length film, but ended up being a series of three short videos. We had a lot of difficulty finding a place to film. It was a period piece, so I couldn’t just film it anywhere. So, I abandoned the idea of a feature length film and shifted my focus towards YouTube. The video and channel never gained any traction, so I deleted it. But, that wouldn’t be the end of YouTube for me. In July of 2017 I created the Souls Gone Wild YouTube Channel!

Our latest channel consists of the following content; yoga, meditation, travel vlogs, comedy and music. I have an old short film I created years ago in community college on this channel called, “Unnerving Tension.” I will also be uploading Witch of Evansburg and occasionally doing short films on this channel. My goal is always to become a better director, editor and become more comfortable in front of the camera.

I am determined to grow an audience via our blog and YouTube Channel. I want to entertain, make people laugh and inspire an audience. I always knew when I was younger that it only took one song or one video to blow up. I don’t know what that will be for me or when, but I know it will happen. Sure, it may sound crazy, but I won’t stop until it happens. You can punch me and knock me down, hell you could even knock me out, but I’m going to wake up, get back up and go at it again.

What are you passionate about?

Find Your Freedom,

5.11.18 | NJ

Yoga & Meditation Videos for Salehttps://vimeo.com/soulsgonewild/vod_pages 
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