What if your energy set the tone of your life? Think about it, English professors discuss the topic of tone when readings novels. Well, if your life is a book, how would you feel if someone else was setting the tone? Would you like the book? Do you like how it ends? What if your energy set the tone of your life?

Seniority to me just means that you get to be the shot caller of your own empire. Your empire being all the different aspects of your life. What if you could dictate how you earned money? What if you did things your way? What if you were just – you? That may seem easy to some of you and it may also seem difficult. It just depends on how much seniority you have in your life right now.

How does one gain seniority? Well the answer could be different for everyone, but for me I know that when I gain more clarity in my life, I develop certainty. When I have reached a certain level of certainty, I usually take action. I had a vision, it was clear, my confidence was restored and then I finally execute. When I walk further down the path of my truth, I strengthen my seniority. Like Mario collecting gold coins, I boost my seniority. 

When you establish seniority, your bond with yourself grows stronger. The wise part of you that holds your purpose sees an opportunity for your truth to become reality. What if what your “suppose to do” is simply a thing of the past? What if your dreams were not just thoughts or ideas, but seeds sprouting from the Earth? What your dreams were not just fantasies of the sky, but real as the ground below your feet? Seniority takes time. I’m not going to try to see the idea that it just happens overnight, but it all starts with awareness. From there it is a decision, do you want someone else setting the tone of your life, OR do YOU want to be the one setting the tone?

Find Your Freedom,


5.12.18 | NJ

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