Location Independence

I love the beach, I love the mountains, but I also love the city. I love Chicago in the Summer and I love Santa Monica in the Winter. I love the east coast during Autumn, but I always spring forward to the west coast. There is so much of the United States that I have not seen and that my heart has not felt. I want to feel the different vibrations. I want to be so free that I can travel anywhere, anytime.

I finally have it. Location independence. I think it is something I have been fighting for, for such a long time without even knowing it. Sure there were places that I love, but I still couldn’t settle. What was wrong with me? I got bored too easily. I usually always hit a point where I was ready to go, ready to hit the road for a new adventure. That part of me was invalidated for quite some time. You have to pick one place, pick one job and never change it. It just didn’t resonate. 

I still don’t know how long my wife and I will be full-time RV living. I just know that I want to see the states and see Canada, but after that I know we will be itching to see other parts of the world. The great thing about our RV is that we can always store it and return to it when needed. I have seen some people who go boating part of the year and then RV the remainder. Living on a boat sounds exciting yet intimidating to me, but so was living in an RV and here we are…

Being an artist, an entrepreneur and adventurer, I have no idea where I will end up, but I love the fact that I don’t HAVE to be tied down to one place and one job. It may be one of the best times to live as a nomad with all the opportunities that are out there. With a little bit of courage, a sense of adventure and an internet connection – you too can be location independent.

Find Your Freedom,


5.13.18 | NJ

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