Sacrificing Comfort for Freedom

Living in a RV full-time means sacrificing comfort for freedom. We used to live in a two bedroom apartment. It had two bathrooms and we used one of the bedrooms as our home office. It even had a washer and dryer. It was a really nice apartment. We were comfortable there. It didn’t leak, had no waiting time for hot water, and didn’t move when you walked around in it. We are currently in a bad stretch of weather at our campground in New Jersey. I find it difficult to sleep when it rains because it gets pretty loud. It is nights like last night where I miss my old apartment.

So, why do you want to live in a RV full-time? Haha! It’s not that bad. Having a small home on wheels is totally worth it. Living simply allows us to have more experiences. As our business grows though, we will be able to stay at more ideal camp sites. There are some campgrounds that are right by the beach that we would like to check out!

I have a great affinity for starting businesses. It’s an exciting time and I look forward to growing Souls Gone Wild. I feel in my element when I am running a business. I feel strong and feel the energy of abundance and possibility. When I go to work for someone else, I lose all my confidence. It doesn’t feel right. It’s like trying to put in a puzzle piece that just won’t fit. It’s difficult to explain, but that is just how I am. 

Why not do what everyone else does? Be stationary and travel on weekends, take vacations or wait until retirement. You could have just built your dog walking business up to the point where you could hire a manager and then traveled. Sure those were all possibilities, but we wanted something different. We also didn’t want to wait. The time is now. We are still young. We have our health. Waiting to retire to do what I want doesn’t sound all the appealing to me. Bastard! How could you say such a thing! It is the way of the world! I want my passion now, not part-time, not at the end of my life. Sometimes you have to be little selfish when carving your own path. 

Find Your Freedom,


5.14.18 | NJ

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2 Comments on “Sacrificing Comfort for Freedom

  1. This is the way to do it! Not all professions will allow this mobility and so people have to modify, but you are carving out the perfectly well-suited life for yourselves and it is a joy to watch!


    • We are really enjoying everything so far. Glad you are enjoying the blogs & vlogs. Can’t wait to head west!


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