Rainy days in a RV

This weather is making me want to pack up our camper and go somewhere warm and dry, but we still have a few activities lined up before we officially head north though; exploring Cape May with family, parasailing, yoga on the beach and Heather getting certified as a yoga instructor. 

It’s been two weeks living in our RV full time. It’s not a huge adjustment for me. I lived in a flop house in Brooklyn for a month and I pretty much stayed in my very tiny bedroom all the time which I had to share with another person. Living in our 5th wheel is actually an upgrade from that experience – haha. I have lived a very strange life so far; moving around the country, being homeless in California, going to a psychic school, living in an RV… To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I love our RV. The size is just right for two people and two pets. If we weren’t living in it full-time and working from our camper, then I would say we could definitely go smaller. I love having our dog Lucy and cat Thor with us. Sure, travel days with them are not exactly fun, but I couldn’t imagine them not being with us. 

Since it has been raining here non stop we discovered a leak. I thought I sealed up everything before we left for NJ, but I guess not. Living in an RV is teaching me to be more of handyman. I don’t have much experience with construction and tools, so it’s not my forte. It was something I worried about prior to traveling in our rig. What if something went wrong? Could I fix it? I think there will always be challenges that I can face and overcome, but there certain things I will need help from a professional. 

Normally when we are not working or creating, we spend our time outside, but due to this weather we have been inside most of the time. Can anyone say cabin fever? We look forward to better weather, but until then we will just continue editing videos for YouTube and Vimeo. Links are below if you are interested in checking out our content.

Find Your Freedom,


5.16.18 | NJ

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