It’s time to get angry!

We have all experienced depression at some point, but when you are consistently down in the dumps, that is when there may be an issue. Depression is a low energy and vibration. It is difficult to experience change at that level. Typically, you are stuck in the, “what is the point,” energy. So, it is not exactly fun times when you are depressed – how do you get of out it? Well, there are numerous ways, but one way is through anger. Anger? Fuck yeah!

Perhaps it is time to get pissed. Aren’t you tired of feeling lousy? Aren’t you tired of nothing changing? Get angry! It is your body, your emotions and your life! Now, don’t get anger confused with hate. All I am saying is that you can go to the gym and run on anger. Hell, you could go grocery shopping and walk around vibrating in anger and it is absolutely no problem. Being angry doesn’t mean you are being violent. When you start getting angry, things start to shift. Usually when you are angry, people give you space. Maybe space is what you are needing.

When you are depressed you are shutdown. There isn’t any movement. With anger, you begin to regain movement and space. It can be a relief. Now, I’m not necessarily saying you should find your anger and stay angry, but if you aren’t even able to access your anger – you may want to look into it. If you can get angry, then amusement and joy aren’t too far off in the distance.

If you have difficulty finding your anger, just fake it until you make it. When you are depressed, it will always feel like you can’t get out of it. Bullshit! Go to the gym, get moving, find a punching bag and build your anger. Do I think fighting with anger is smart. No. I’m just saying that going to a gym, moving your body around, getting your energy in movement and sparking up your anger just may be the thing you’re needing. Hell, I can sit in meditation and run the energy of my anger. What!? That doesn’t sound like meditation? Meditation is all about centering yourself and peace, and love and flowers. I like to keep meditation real. Anger is an emotion. It can be useful. Learn to tap into it and run it – just don’t let it run YOU.

Find Your Freedom,

5.18.18 | NJ

Featured Image: Cynthia Morton


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