From Dog Walkers to traveling Full Time

We were finally having success. Our dog walking business was working. We started a cleaning business. We were living in a nice apartment, didn’t have to look at our bank account and were dreaming of the future; starting a dog daycare, buying a home in Valley Forge, PA and possibly starting a family. Pennsylvania was never a place I imagined settling, but things were working and why let go of something good, right?

KABOOM! We dissolved our cleaning business, moved out of our nice apartment, stayed with family, we bought a truck, sold our client list, bought a RV, started Souls Gone Wild and hit the road. What!? Who does that? The transition was uncomfortable. We were wanting something different, but at the same time, it was not easy to just let go of something that brought comfort and stability. The downsizing process was not easy either. There were numerous stages of letting go our physical belongings. I’ve lived out of a backpack before, so downsizing is a little easier for me. 

As we continue to get comfortable with our new lifestyle, I start to realize that despite the sadness of what we left behind, there is actually so much to be happy about. We get to travel full time. That amazes me. Souls Gone Wild also has the potential to be so much bigger than our dog walking business. With a dog walking business, we were limited to just our service area. With our new business being mostly online based, we have the ability to gain many more clients from all over the world. It goes the same for growing an audience on our YouTube channel and Blog. With our dog walking business, it was the first time I really felt the energy of abundance. With our new business, I feel that will only increase. There is a limitless and magical nature to Souls Gone Wild. 

If we didn’t have such a strong desire to travel, I think we would still be working in the pet industry. You can setup your dog walking business in a few different ways. You can either just walk all the dogs yourself or you can hire employees. It just depends on your desire to grow and your tolerance for a high turnover rate with employees. 

With Souls Gone Wild, I like that not only is it mostly online based, but we do have the ability to teach workshops wherever we are currently staying. It is going to take time to grow, but I can feel it, see it and know it – this business is going to flourish. This is the type of business that I would like to have running for a long time. I never want to stop teaching, doing energy work, entertaining or traveling. It is what I love. I look forward to seeing where this takes us.

Find Your Freedom,


5.19.18 | NJ


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