Souls Gone Wild

Maybe you are new to our web site, blog or YouTube channel and are wondering, what the hell is this Souls Gone Wild all about? To sum it up, we represent freedom, health and fun. Heather and I travel in a RV with a dog and a cat full time. Heather teaches yoga and english online and I teach meditation. I also do aura readings and energy healing. Everything that we do is done online, however, when the opportunity arises we are more than happy to teach at the location we are currently at. 

Aside from yoga and meditation, we write blogs and make YouTube videos. I love writing, photography and videography. These two platforms give me the ability to execute an idea and share it with the world with just a click of a button. No fancy equipment, big budget or permission from an organization – just us and our creativity. What we do is kind of weird; living in a RV, having a vegan diet, working online, aura readings, youtube videos? Maybe we are weird, but I like our weird.

Souls Gone Wild is about inspiring people to be free. That doesn’t mean that everyone should be doing what we are doing though. I think everyone has their own definition of freedom. We all have our own dreams. When I see YouTube creators making a living off of their videos, I don’t get jealous, I get inspired. I love being inspired and I also love inspiring others. One moment in time can determine someones path in life. I know of a successful musician who went to a concert when they were young. He became inspired and decided right then that he was going to be rock star. Because of that band living their dream, it inspired someone else to go live their dream. That is what I love about life. 

This is who we are and this is what we are about. So, if you are interested in travel, music, comedy, yoga, meditation, healing or clairvoyance, then follow our blog and subscribe to our YouTube channel. All of our links are below. 

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