Competition is inevitable. We live in a competitive world. You will especially experience competition when you are being seen, being heard and having success. People will want what you have or may just feel threatened by you and begin competing with you. At this point in my life I find competition amusing. Why? Because I just don’t care. I understand that competition exists, but that doesn’t mean I have to be IN competition with others. You have a nicer RV than us? Great, I don’t care. You have a diesel truck? Great, I don’t care. You’re business is more successful than ours? Great, I just don’t care. My focus is on myself and what we have. Sure, when I start a business I take a look at all the competition out there. It helps give me an idea how I should set my rates, but other than that, I put it out of my mind. I don’t wake up thinking, I must be better than them! I wake up motivated thinking, I hope to be better than I was the day before. 

Competition and jealousy are things I am just not interested in. Sure I am human, but I strive to be inspired instead. I love non-competition. Being in competition just seems like too much wasted energy. I believe in abundance and I believe in possibility. Something that stops  a lot of people from pursuing their dreams is this notion that there are too many people doing it already, so why bother? If you have that mentality, then you probably won’t get anywhere. Just because there are five dog walking businesses already in the area, doesn’t mean you will never get your own clients. Just because there are a bunch of healing centers or yoga and mediation teachers in the world doesn’t mean you can’t teach or start your own practice. 

You’re on the high dive. You’re thinking too much. Just jump! Just start what you want to start. Don’t worry about the people you will disappoint, don’t worry about failing, don’t worry about the competition. It will always be there, its just a matter of getting your space with it. 

Find Your Freedom,


5.23.18 | NJ



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