Crushing Debt on the Road

One of our major goals with full time RV living is to crush our debt. All we have left is our truck and student loans. While I hate having debt from college, I don’t regret going to school, simply because of the experience and how it changed me. 

Luckily we own our house on wheels and have fewer expenses living on there road. I think once we clear our debt, I’m not going to want to go back in debt. I don’t think I want to have a mortgage. That doesn’t sound appealing to me, nor does staying in one place. I think the only way I would consider staying in one place is if we were making a ton of money and could buy a home with cash and still travel frequently. That would require a huge income and that is something we just don’t have right now haha. 

I’m finding that being on the road has a huge impact on my ability to be inspired and be creative. My creativity goes through the roof. I can remain in one place and be creative, it is just that I feel much more creative on the road. We have been in New Jersey for twenty-five days. I am already getting antsy. I am ready to go, but we still have one more month. There are so many places I want to see and people I want to see again.

We do have some cool things lined up though in June. Heather and I are going parasailing for the first time and we are meeting family in Cape May. I’m sure we will end up seeing the lighthouse there. Yesterday we just visited the Abescon Lighthouse in Atlantic City, NJ. It is the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey and the third tallest in the nation. We were well prepared for the climb to the top due to already climbing the statue of liberty last month.

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5.25.18 | NJ



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