Souls Gone Wild

Poetry is clairvoyance
Poetry is clairaudience
Poetry is claircognizance 
Poetry is claircentience 
Poetry is psychic 
To see, to hear, to know, to feel
Poetry is real
Praise your favorite rapper, but poetry is gay
Don’t you realize their song is a poem that they made?
Born in a world where men use saws and hammers
But the tools I have are in my mind
The creative spirit I struggled to find
Here I am, no better or worse than the next man
I just stand here different, playing with different cards in my hand
Please don’t fault me for following my dream
Because in my heart I do believe
This is my identity, this is the real me
The walls are coming down
So will shame, could I be proud?
This is my voice, I’m going to be loud
It was inevitable I would be letting people down
But if you could feel the way I feel now
Maybe you would do the same
Feeling your power, feeling untamed 
No longer plain, no longer mild
Here we are, Souls Gone Wild




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