Being Healthy isn’t Popular

Let me get this straight… You don’t eat meat, you don’t eat egg or dairy, you don’t smoke, you don’t do drugs and you don’t drink. Are you against having fun or something? 

Haha! Quite the opposite. Souls Gone Wild is all about having fun. I just enjoy being sober and feeling healthy. I know what it is like to be unhealthy and it doesn’t feel good. I don’t miss stomach aches and hangovers. To be clear though, I don’t care if others have an unhealthy lifestyle, I do care, however, if it is pushed on me. 

I don’t know how often I hear this, “Oh you can just go and have some steak one night – it won’t kill ya.” Now, it won’t exactly kill me, but because I haven’t had meat in a long time, I would most likely get sick. Also it is very difficult to be disciplined regarding your health and diet. It takes a lot of strength to remain committed. It goes the same with daily meditation and exercise. 

I have been doing great with meditation and I certainly can notice the positive impact, but I am slacking in the exercise department. I miss having our gym at our old apartment. Traveling and exercise don’t exactly go together, but it is not impossible. I think my wife and I are going to create a new exercise schedule that will revolve around yoga. 

I have resisted yoga for such a long time. I tired it numerous times and it never was a thing for me, but I do want to make it apart of my daily practice now. I saw the physical strength my wife gained when going through teacher training and I think stretching on a daily basis is really good for the body.

Being healthy isn’t popular. I miss the spiritual community I had in Chicago. I also miss the adventurous community I had in Colorado. The question now is, am I seeking a new community or am I looking to create my own community? Whatever it is, I hope to bring spirituality, adventure and healthy living all together.

Find Your Freedom,


5.27.18 | NJ



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