What’s in your Bucket List?

In less than a month we will be leaving New Jersey and heading north. It has been an interesting first month living in our RV full time. We have experienced the stress of travel, already made repairs on the RV, defused the fears around wireless internet and dealt with barking dogs. Luckily the poor dogs were taken away by animal control, so they can actually be properly cared for. After a long stretch of rain we found a leak, but sealed it up and took care of it. The internet is not as bad as I thought as it would be. Sure, it can be annoying to be limited and can be slow when uploading digital content, but overall I am happy with it. I’m also happy overall with the entire RV experience. I don’t mind living in a small space. I feel more like myself and my relationship with my wife is better than ever. We have brought back the adventurous spirit we had when we first met. It was all we ever talked about; traveling here, traveling there, traveling everywhere. A few years went by and we ended up doing just the opposite. Now though, we are doing exactly what we intended from the beginning!

Crossing off bucket list experiences is important to us. When it comes to your bucket list, I think you have to be a little selfish. You have to give yourself permission and believe in yourself. People will tell you that you can’t, usually because they didn’t take the necessary steps to cross off experiences on their bucket list. When you pursue goals and dreams it lights people up. They either become angry or they become inspired. I always hope people become inspired. 

Experiences are what motivate me. They are my motivation to be healthy and they are what keep me alive. My bucket list experiences are not a maybe, they are a “I have to.” I strongly value experiences more than physical objects I desire. Sure I would love to own a ’69 SS Camaro, but if I never end up getting one I am not going to cry on my death bed about it. Now if I am in the process of dying and I didn’t see the great wall of China or the Pyramids, I’m going to be a little upset. Can you have it all? I think it is very possible, but for now I’m just going to focus on what is in my bucket list.

Landmarks, national parks, monuments, highways, airports, trains, foreign countries, RV parks, music, comedy, poetry, creative writing, film and businesses. Thats whats in my bucket list. My bucket is the reason I wake up everyday. It is what keeps my hungry. 
What makes you hungry? What is in your bucket list?

Find Your Freedom,


5.28.18 | NJ

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