Enthusiasm, Joy & Amusement

Enthusiasm. When I think of that word, my wife comes to mind. She is one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met. It is what I love about her. It is a quality within myself that I would like to work on. It is an attractive energy and it feels good. Enthusiasm, joy and amusement are all at the top of our range of emotions. When you are vibrating at these emotions you create space and movement for yourself. 

They say laughter is some of the best medicine out there. When you are vibrating in amusement, your ability to release negative energy greatly increases. Have you ever looked at someone laughing? Their spirit is present. Have you ever looked at someone that is depressed? Their energy is just not there. Sitting at the top of your emotional range gives permission for spirit. 

How do you get happy? Well, I think being healthy is a good foundation, but essentially I think that when you are operating on your energy and it is moving freely, your permission to be happy is high. Think about it. If you are living in an environment you don’t like, working a job you don’t like, operating the way others want you to, can’t have romance or are stuck in a bad relationship and are subscribing to someones negative viewpoint of the world and life, well, your permission for happiness might be very low. You may be running on someone elses energy. What if you were running on your energy?

What is your energy like? What if you started working towards living in a place you love, found a job that fits like a glove (boo ya!), did things your way, fell in love with someone amazing and shifted your view of yourself, the world and others. It’s not something that necessarily happens overnight, but you can take steps to move in that direction. 

Being happy is a choice. You can choose to be happy or you can sit in those lower emotions and remain stuck. When you are in the lower emotions it will always feel like there is no way out or there is not point to anything. Bull shit! There is a way out and there is a point to your life. The answer is within yourself. Discover your energy. Heal with your energy. Climb back up to enthusiasm, joy and amusement!

Find Your Freedom,


5.31.18 | NJ

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