Married Without Children

So, you are married, but you are traveling full-time in a RV. What about having children?

At this point in our lives we are just not wanting to have kids. We changed the direction of our life together and are focusing on growing our new business. Before we would even think about having kids, our business has to be established and we would need to be hitting a certain financial goal. Aside from that, we just started this adventure on the road. We want to get in as much travel time before having a kid. I can only imagine that it would be more difficult trying to travel. 

That is something we also thought about. If we do choose to have a child, would we continue traveling full time? I don’t know the answer to that. I know people do it and that it is possible. I also know that after a kid reaching a certain age, living in a RV probably wouldn’t work. We all need our space. 

All I know is that I want to travel majority of my life. I love it. Right now, we just aren’t ready to have kids. Until that time comes, we will revisit the topic and see what we want to do. I think it would be an amazing experience to have kids. I really do, but right now it is all about building the business and having new experiences. 

Something I would also like to mention is that I think it is okay not to have kids. I know people that don’t and I think that is absolutely fine. It’s a real possibility that Heather and I won’t. We just don’t know right now and that is okay.

So yes, we are married, we are traveling full time and the only plan we have with the topic of having kids is that we will revisit it down the road.

Find Your Freedom,


5.31.18 | NJ



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