Working Smart AND Working Hard

I never liked the phrase “work harder.” It was mainly because I associated it with manual labor. Now there is nothing wrong with manual labor, some people really enjoy it, but I do not. Because I made that association, I would always resort to the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” What I am realizing is that working smarter is just being more aware of your work flow. You still have to invest a good deal of your energy into whatever you are trying to achieve to get results. That is working hard and that has nothing to do with manual labor, although it could.

Being more aware of your “process” can only make you be better at what you are trying to work on. Maybe having to exercise and meditate before you start your work day is apart of your process. Maybe taking breaks or allowing yourself to day dream is apart of it. Everyone has a different process, but becoming aware of how you operate and following through with it can enhance the experience of work. 

Now, when it comes to working hard, I think it has all to do with how much energy you are putting into a job, project, etc. The more energy you put into it, the more you are going to get back. When my wife and I started our dog walking business, I put EVERYTHING into that. My mindset was: determination. Working smart was utilizing all of my previous dog walking experiences and my tech savvy nature. What really made everything come to fruition was how much energy I was willing to put into the business. I was all in. And because of that combination, because of that recipe – we found success. 

Disassociating manual labor from hard work has changed my perspective on work. I know that I worked hard on our dog walking business. I know that I can do the same for Souls Gone Wild. The interesting thing with this lifestyle is that you tend to have more free time and I like that. I like having time to relax, to talk and to meditate. Sometimes it is nice to just be. I feel like we don’t allow ourselves to do that. For me it important. As much as I realize how important it is to work hard, it’s also important to find balance. I think it is possible to burn yourself out doing something you love. Balance is key. That is the second component to working smart – knowing how much energy you are putting into your work and finding out how much works best for you.

This is a minor breakthrough for me and I find it liberating. The question now is how will I work smart with Souls Gone Wild? How will I work hard with Souls Gone Wild? How will I maintain a healthy balance of work, adventure and rest? I think harvesting all my experiences regarding teaching, healing and doing readings along with the entrepreneurial skills I gained with our pet business will allow myself to work smart. Also, having a sharp focus on what it is I am really trying to achieve is important. From there it is just a matter of putting in the work, but also keeping work / life balance in mind. That was one thing I was not good with regarding our previous business. It took me time to learn how to find the off switch. Knowing when to turn the switch on and off is all about working smart, but when this switch is on – go hard!

Find Your Freedom,

6.1.18 | NJ



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