Parasailing & Dolphins

It’s a windy Sunday morning at our campground in New Jersey. I am tired and happy. The past few days have been absolutely amazing. Yesterday we went parasailing in Cape May for the first time. Luckily it didn’t get canceled due to the weather. We arrived early, but they didn’t make us wait which was cool. We made our way to the dock and saw the boat pulling up. The bugs were like tiny little vampires who were overdue for their blood fix.

We were on the boat and the hair on my body gave a standing ovation. I forgot how cold it got when the speed of the boat increased. My wife and I watched as the guys setup the equipment. It started to lightly rain, but we didn’t care. Finally, we were at the back of the boat and were hooked up. And away we went!

It’s a really cool feeling as you go up in the air. It doesn’t take that long for the cable to fully extend. The view, the feeling – it was all very peaceful. You couldn’t help but smile. It was a cloudy day, but that didn’t stop of us from enjoying the experience. Looking down was really weird, because my mind started wondering what it would be like to just drop from 300 feet in the air. I jumped maybe from 30 feet off a cliff in Canada when I was younger. It’s a weird feeling just free falling. It’s a fun experience, but I don’t like going under in the water and having to swim quickly to the surface. There is always a part of my mind that is like, “Am I going to make it?”

Jumping from 300 feet would be insane, but my mind went back to the view we had. Everything was so tiny from up above; the boat, the waves crashing along the shoreline, the vehicles cruising along the beach. We didn’t want to come back down, but we knew the trip wasn’t going to last very long. 

They asked us before we even went up if we wanted to touch the water with our feet on our way back down. Of course we said yes. When we finally hit the water, I got a little more wet than I expected, but I didn’t mind at all. The whole experience was awesome! We made it back to the boat and enjoyed the ride back with a few unexpected visitors – dolphins! That was also a first for Heather and I. 

After the parasailing event, we went to the Cape May state park and saw the following; a lighthouse, an old WWII bunker and more dolphins! I didn’t know why there was a crowd forming by one part of the beach, but after setting up our spot in the sand and filming a little – I finally saw why the crowd formed. All the dolphins were finally making their way over to our side of the beach. At that moment, I was like wow – how did we get so lucky to parasail and see dolphins twice in one day? 

Selling our business and buying a RV to travel full time was the best decision we have made. I’m so grateful for all the experiences we are having. We worked really hard for two plus years to have this and we will continue to do so we can continue having more awesome adventures. Check out our YouTube video on our entire experience!

Find Your Freedom,

6.3.18 | NJ



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