Standing in your Truth

Sometimes standing in your truth takes courage. People may not understand or accept what you are doing, but that is okay. Standing in your truth takes strength. The judgment and invalidation will always be there, but will you? 

“You talk too much,” “You are weird,” “You create too much,” “Sorry pal, big dreams aren’t real.” The list goes on and on. Whatever you handle, will you let it bring you down, or will you laugh it all away? You might not think you are, but you’re stronger than it. What if you stood your ground and continued on your journey? Where would you end up? Would your vision come to life? 

Standing in your truth takes commitment. The way you take care of your body with a good diet and exercise, you have to do the same with living your truth. You have to be loyal to your cause. Remaining loyal will provide a payout better than winning the lottery. Huh? How could anything be better than winning the lottery? Well, in my opinion, experiencing your dreams is worth more than any lottery payout. The peace, the fulfillment and happiness that comes with a dream are priceless. 

I often read about people giving themselves only a certain amount of time to pursue their dream and if it doesn’t work they close up shop. That doesn’t resonate with me. I’m willing to spend my entire life fulfilling my dreams. So, all the invalidation that comes my way, it doesn’t matter. What matters is my courage, my strength and my commitment. A silly judgment from the sideline doesn’t stand a chance with that kind of defense. 

I’m an unusual person, I know, but I’m willing to let things fall apart in order for my truth to sprout. I’m willing to be patient. I’m willing to be criticized. I willing to endure all the growing pains. I’m willing to fail. I’m willing to succeed. I’m willing…

Find Your Freedom,

6.4.18 | NJ



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