Permission to Fail, Permission to Succeed

Do you have permission to fail? We often think that failure is this terrible thing and sure, it doesn’t always feel good, but something to remember is that it can be a stepping stone to where you are trying to go. 

When you don’t have permission to fail it can be very difficult to take a risk. When you take a risk you enter the unknown. You don’t know if you are going to fail or succeed, however, if you do end up failing, it is not the end of the world. Actually, you have an opportunity to grow and learn from the experience. You then can use that information and apply it to your next step. 

I have failed many times. The beginning is the worst. Failing your first few times is kind of like when you first experience a breakup. It feels like everything is over and you will never find love again and the sun will never shine as bright as it once did. Over time you learn that, sure, going through a breakup sucks, but its not the end of the world. You heal and then you move on. It is similar with failing. You fall off the bike, it hurts, you get back on the bike and go some more, you fall and repeat. The goal isn’t to just continue failing forever, but without being able to fail at all, it may keep you from even making a move on your dream.

What about permission to succeed? Is it okay to be seen? It it okay to be heard? It is okay to achieve goals? What if most people around you aren’t able to find success? How does that affect you? Would they give you permission to succeed? Maybe, maybe not. So where do you get permission from? What about you? If there is nobody around that is willing to give you permission to fail, to take risks or to succeed – maybe it is time to believe in yourself and give yourself permission. 

Everyone has their own shit to deal with. Perhaps it is time to just strap on the right tool belt for you and get to work. You are not special and life is definitely not fair. I’ve learned this the hard way. Life can be as beautiful as a sunset and harsh as the cold air of winter. Grab your tools and create the life you desire, because in the end, nobody else is going to do it for you, but really – would you want them to?

Find Your Freedom,

6.5.18 | NJ



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2 Comments on “Permission to Fail, Permission to Succeed

  1. Great thoughts! I homeschool my children and I am teaching them to celebrate their failure. If we never failed at anything we’d never experience the joy of growth or discovery. Also, it was very nice getting to walk and talk with you two yesterday at Timbercreek. Glad we found you, and thanks again for the leash! Happy travels!


    • Hi Kimberly! Glad you enjoyed the blog. It was very nice to meet you and your family as well. It is always nice meeting new people as we travel. Hope the leash works out for Luna 🙂

      -Andrew & Heather


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