Internal Landscape

March your energy down the canals
How could you not, stand strong, stand proud?
If I plugged into my voice, would you hear me clear and loud?
Got my wisdom channeling through, you know my energy is ocean water blue
I like to keep it loose, keep it free, feel my energy move, I like to be me
I can create hip hop beats, but rock concerts are what I see
Man I’m telling ya this is gotta be the ultimate dream
What steps do I need to take?
To feel that rush, to feel like a god
Do I have what it takes?
To step towards this future 
To blow the picture of being a loser
I can see the stage with such clarity
Waves of blue ripping through the fifth with such sincerity 
And a heart open wide, I could connect with the crowd
They won’t be saying I’m quiet anymore, I’m too damn loud
The struggle of reelin in the big fish
Gotta be crazy with what is on my wish list
Some days I’m good, some days I’m pissed
But I know I’ll breakthrough, I know I will find that flow
To master the circuit inside, this internal landscape
You’ll finally hear my voice, you won’t believe what I can create


Artwork by Alex Grey



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