Where there was resistance, struggle and limitation, I now see opportunity – I see doors opening. 

I don’t like the word no. I don’t like the phrase, “you can’t.” They don’t sit well with me, because I know if I keep going, if I keep blasting the drum like the energizer bunny, I will eventually find my way. 

When you walk a cleared path, a path that others have walked down, there is clarity and ease. When you walk down a path not many have gone or create your own path, there is a great deal of uncertainty. You are walking blind with your faith like fire burning upon your head. The various levels of your intuition are the tools in your tool belt you pull from. Trust becomes like air or food – a necessity for your survival. 

I like surprise, spontaneity, growth, change and transformation. They are the energies that push the boredom out of my body and provide permission for me to be present. 

Living in a RV to travel full time is one hell of a growth period. Towing, leveling, fixing leaks, building an audience, finding students, finding campgrounds, editing, and so on…

I love it, but it has been an adjustment. I wouldn’t have it any other way now though. Being able to see new places and have new experiences is entirely worth it. I love the challenge of building a new brand from nothing. The energy I bring to this brand is limitless. This is everything I’ve wanted to create. To be able to travel with my wife and pets, to teach and to express myself creatively. I don’t care if its through writing, music, comedy, film or all of the above. Our youtube channel and blog have given me a way to put myself out there. I’m just going to keep going until all the doors are open. 
Find Your Freedom,

6.10.18 | NJ

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