Biggest Damn Growth Period

The beauty of living in a RV is that if plans change, which they often do, we can easily accommodate those changes. When we lived in one place, we could only focus on the area that we lived in. With our house on wheels, if we get an opportunity, we just hookup our truck to the fifth wheel and head out.

Well, our plans have changed. Originally, we were going to go to Massachusetts, however, Heather got a job as a yoga teacher in Illinois. Pretty awesome, right? I actually found a spiritual store not far from where she will be teaching where I might have the possibility of doing readings and energy work there. That’s what I did for a while when I lived in Wilmington, NC years ago.

We are still figuring things out as we go. It’s not always easy starting over, especially when you had something that was a success and let it go. I’m happy to be on the road though. I’m ready to teach more, have more adventures and share my experiences with others. 

This is the biggest damn growth period I have been in. And well, it should be. I wouldn’t want to walk through life learning and growing less. If I want to have more, then growth is my best friend. I’m green as they come now. Living in a RV and teaching clairvoyance – it is rocking my world! Where once I was comfortable, I am no longer. I am bathing in the unknown. 

My wife read some quote from online the other day and it said that the best things in life make you fat, drunk and pregnant. I actually had a few beers the other day and I was quickly reminded why I quit drinking. It took a full day for me to clear my head. I didn’t like it. Sex and food – I totally get those, haha! But, on a serious note, I think the best things in life are those that scare the shit out of us. I know what scares the shit out of me, but if I allow myself to push past the fear, I always feel so proud of myself and happy.

What makes you afraid? If you overcome the fear, what is on the other side?

Find Your Freedom,

6.15.18 | NJ


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