Raise your Flag

I have a anarchy tattoo on my face and my wife cusses like a sailor. We are a little edgy and I like that about us. After all, our brand name is – Souls Gone Wild. We decided to create our own unique path and here we are, traveling and teaching in a RV. This blog may offend people, but the intention is to bring inspiration. My eBook, Slaves to Society, is designed to light people up. It is suppose to get you thinking  about what you want to pursue and why you aren’t going after it. But yeah, it is very raw and vulgar. I just started a new book which will be about our adventures on the road. That too, will be filled with sarcasm, humor, creativity and vulgarity. Eventually I would like to create a book on meditation and most may think that it should be very proper, clean and professional. Nope, I will also keep it real with that too. There are plenty of boring books on spirituality already out there. 

I think people appreciate realness, but I do recognize with my voice and content, people will either love it or hate it and I am completely okay with it. I don’t create for others. I create for myself. That is how I keep myself happy. Look at music. Bands evolve over time and so can their style. Fans tend to get upset about this, but in the end it is the musicians music, not the fans. There will always be someone who will love your art and those who will hate it. 

I have a great affinity for self expression and embracing my identity. One of the best feelings I can’t think of is being myself. Often I’ve felt that I’ve had to tune everything down. Well, it is time to turn up the volume! It’s time to raise the flag on the pirate ship and show who I really am. Some might think, geez Andrew, are you coming out of the closet or something? Haha – no. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but no, I’ve just always felt I couldn’t be intense, or edgy or say what is on my mind. I’ve felt that I’ve had to hold it all back. That my friends is not healthy. Hoist your freak flag and be proud of you, and those that don’t like it – fuck em.

Find Your Freedom,

6.17.18 | NJ

Featured Image by: bbruschi

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