Starting Yoga

The first time I tried yoga was in college. I think I did it maybe one more time after and that was it. It just wasn’t really my thing. I did, however, get into meditation. I really enjoyed it and it seemed to come natural for me. Eventually I started teaching meditation and one of the places I taught a series at was a yoga studio. The owner was trying to get me to take a class and I just wasn’t having it. I already tried it and it just wasn’t for me.

Aside from the not feeling yoga the first time around, I’ve always had a strong resistance to it. If I was going to do something physical I preferred going for a run or throwing some gloves on and hitting a bag. Now that my wife is teaching yoga, I have seen how it has impacted her, not just physically, but her energy as well. I see a stronger woman, all around. Lately, she has been teaching me yoga and yesterday was the first day I felt strong. It felt good, but that is not how I was feeling the first few times she taught me. My body felt very uncomfortable and oddly enough I was getting really angry. Most of the time it would subside and I would feel more at peace at the end.

Aside from flexibility, strength and balance, I see yoga as a way of moving out pain and foreign energy to bring your own energy in to replace it. Essentially you are going deeper into your body. As I am getting more accustom to yoga I am able to use my clairvoyance with it. It will be interesting to see what chakras are impacted by certain poses that we do.

Starting yoga was not something I expected, but that seems to be a theme in my life as of lately. It’s nice to be able to not only surprise others, but surprise yourself. I just want to continue to become more healthy and to get better at being present.

Find Your Freedom,

6.19.18 | NJ


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