City of Growth

Chicago is hands down my favorite city in the United States. I say United States simply because I have not traveled abroad yet (keyword: yet). Despite growing up near Philly, I only went into the city for concerts and sporting events, so when I moved to Chicago for art school, I experienced culture shock. The trains, busses, noise, scents, people, taxis, big buildings – they all were very much overwhelming to me. Even though it was a huge growth period for me, I fell in love with Chicago.

The city of Chicago will always be known as the city of growth to me. It is the first place I went without family or friends. It is where I learned to heal myself and gained a lot of clarity about my truth. I experienced many growth periods there and I am grateful for all of them.

I’m currently in a big growth period. My wife and I are about to leave New Jersey and head to the outskirts of Chicago. Knowing that we will be in the midwest very soon stimulates various experiences from my time there. I will never forget the time I ascended the subway and made my way to ground level, looking up at all the buildings. I felt incredibly alive. I met so many awesome people at Columbia College and later on at InVision. My experiences in Chicago have truly shaped the man I am today.

I miss the energy of Chicago. I miss the pace of life there. I miss the abundance of opportunity. I miss the sound of the trains and I miss walking out to the lake. Chicago will always hold a special place in my heart and I am excited to be see the city again very soon.

It is always interesting to return to a place you have been before. It is never quite the same because you know you have changed. I expect things will not feel the same way I did when I was last in Chicago. I do, however, anticipate more growth. I look forward to growing our brand and kicking ass. As much as I love this city, this visit is well, just a visit. When it starts to get cold, we will cary on into the unknown.

Find Your Freedom,

6.21.18 | NJ


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