Bring the Light

It is not how far I can leave my body, it is how deep I can be in my body

This quiet journey inward has me screaming –  the discomfort, the joy

Slowly breaking through obstacles that seemed impenetrable

I’m the warrior, I’m the tiger in the jungle, I’m out for blood

This jungle is mine and I don’t care how far back I must go

How far back I must rewind, to drain the pain and feel more flow

The gift you have inside of you, the gift to know

I am intense, I am calm, I’m the destroyer setting off energetic bombs

I am the creator creating my world, painting pictures

The healing energy that derives from my palms

I’ll heal myself, I’ll heal my body

I’ll go deeper into uncharted territory

This is my life, this is my body

Deeper into darkness, I will bring the light



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